Monday, April 27, 2009

No more mushroom..

I juz had a haircut yesterday,
no more mushroom head..haha



Friday, March 13, 2009

Ease back
im here again finally..
almost 3months din touch my blog..

sem break coming soon..
in this sem, I found tat im more lazier than before..
from sem 1, I said i will take it more serious in sem 2
from sem 2 , I continue to said it in sem 3..
but in the end..I become more lazier than sem 1 or 2..haha
I hope you guys are better than me and I noe you all are better than me.
anyway..I swear i will really really study hard in year 2..haha

in tis 3months,
many things had happen on me..
its a long story..
and im lazy to tell it again..haha

Sunday, November 2, 2008

My cousin's mask changing performance

This is my cousin brother's mask changing performance at ikano power centre..

its amazing...He is the 1st malaysian who learnt the mask changing..

hey..when you want to teach me??haha

I also want to learn leh...xD

hope you enjoy this video..


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kin Yaw's magic video

Hey..this is my magic video,

I recorded this video at home by myself..hehe

As usual today, went to college in the morning,

then went back home in the evening.

today is quite boring oso..ntg to do..

so practice my magic at home,

I found that my magic regress edy le..==

long time din touch it..haiz..

nvm..I will keep on practice from now..

until I qualify to learn the mask changing magic from you..

I really like it lo..14 mask changing..its cool man..

you always say me lazy to practice..

actually i'm not no time lo..

most of the time have been used for my assignment..

but got a bit lazy oso la..hehe

from now, i will plan my time properly and keep practice it..

I'm serious this time..


Friday, October 24, 2008

Boring arh!!!

sien le..
nothing to do..

tomorrow having a letterforms design presentation..
haiz..presentation again..really dislike it la...
but I had no choice..

This is my letterform design..
I used pillar and ornament to design it..
I'm not really satisfied's look simple..haiz..

Exploration week is coming soon,
so, it's time for me to have a break ..haha:P
planning to go somewhere else in that time..hehe..

I had already no idea what I want to write..
so that's all for today..


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Indian bitch and pariah cop

damn no mood today..
as usual, going to coll at 11am,
when in LDP there..
had a indian bitch knocked my car still want to scold me..
bukima bitch!!!really hate those kind of indian!

when almost reach to coll,there is a block there..
the cop said i had break the rules..
1. stop on the yellow box
2.there is a no entry from LDP
actually I dont know there is a no entry there lo,
all the ppl oso turn like tat and the pariah cop say I cannot turn like tat..
Because of this, 100 bucks had fly away to the pariah cop.

today , most of the time in college feel moody...

tats all for today..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hardworking day xD

Today is exam for HISTORY of art, haiz...
there was something quite funny happened when i pay the parking fees,
I saw a girl was getting mad because of the paying machine..haha
after awhile, she punched the machine..haha..she is quite funny and cute..
I had already saw her in college few times before.

After that, went to have my exam..
after finish exam, then go to having lunch at face to face wif my frens.

Then, the hardworking need to guess, its ME>>KIN YAW!!!hahaha..:P
went to library to do his assignment alone...haiz..:(
doin my figure sketch at there..
hey,I got my new inspiration and idea for my clock face design while i'm doing sketching

At library untill 5pm, then long ka chia come to find me..
actually he is find me to accompany him while he is waiting his gf..i noe it!!
haiz..dissapointed with u lal..I tot u so good come and find me..haiz..haha

Then went to vision art ask something and go home..
it's raining again..=="

back home den having dinner den serve the net until now..
k lar..tat's all for me today..